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Automatons LATIL-PERNOT were manufactured in France by Gilbert LATIL and equipped by Anne-Marie PERNOT. De 1977 to 1994, they created together, of the single parts and the limited series.

Manufacture is entirely made with the hand, with much precision and of care in the détails.

Automatons LATIL-PERNOT include :
* a stainless and brass body and mechanics,
* a mechanical spring engine with music with cylinder,
* a head, hands and legs out of porcelain,
* of the glass eyes,
* a wig in natural hair or mohair,
* a base out of wooden covered with velvet,

and according to models :
* of the pieces of furniture out of wooden or cane,
* of the small accessories (hats, bags, baskets, crockery...) in straw, leather, porcelain.

the costumes are made with fabrics (silks, velvet, taffeta) and laces often very old (some is embroidered with the hand). Certains costumes are decorated with pearls bent with the hand.

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